🎙 ReproducibiliTea Webinar Series

The ReproducibiliTea Hands-on Lecture Series is held twice a month, focusing on reproducing existing bioinformatics pipelines through hands-on sessions. This platform welcomes individuals from all academic levels—be it bachelor's, master's, Ph.D., or any other research work related to bioinformatics and its allied subjects. 

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Webinar Description:

Explore Nextflow, a game-changing workflow management system, in our webinar tailored for bioinformaticians, researchers, and developers. Learn the essentials of Nextflow, including its core principles, syntax, and best practices.

Date: Saturday 20th Jan 2024 at 14H00 (Paris)

Key Points:

Who Should Attend:

BSc and BTech students, MSc and MTech students, bioinformaticians, computational biologists, researchers, and professionals interested in bioinformatics tools.


This webinar equips participants, including students, with a deep understanding of how Nextflow can revolutionize bioinformatics workflows, enhancing data processing, reproducibility, and research speed.

🎙 Introducing Bio-IT <> Biotech webinar series

The 'Bio-IT <> Biotech' series is held twice a month, introducing the latest trends, discoveries, methodologies, and bioinformatics applications to the biotechnology community and vice versa. This platform welcomes everyone to share their knowledge.

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🎙 Let's talk To Our Experts 

The 'Let's Talk To Our Expert' webinar series is held twice a month to connect aspiring individuals with our various Bioinformatics experts. We aim to inspire and motivate the younger generation, helping them discover ideas to lead successful careers.

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